No! Type 2 diabetes is a nutrient deficiency disease. When your body runs out of the minerals and vitamins that it needs to open doors on the cell wall that let sugar enter into the cell, the sugar piles up in your blood stream, and you get Type 2 Diabetes. Once the nutrient deficiencies are eliminated with medical nutrition, your body metabolizes its sugar without any problem what-so-ever.  By the way, the average Type 2 Diabetic patient, over the course of 30 years of treatment, will profit the medical industry approximately $350,000; hence my contention that the health care industry in this country is 'profit-driven rather than result-driven.'  We can support and promote healthy blood sugar metabolism with medical nutrition for less than $2000. Which is better? An excellent book on this subject called "Hell's Kitchen" is available for only $19.95

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