"For the life of the flesh is in the blood:”  Leviticus 17:11

This video below will give you an idea of how poor circulation can be effected very quickly with just one 8-minute session on this device!

This video is actual footage of capillary level circulation before and after an 8-minute session!

You can cut out the Bad Foods and give your body the 90 Essential Nutr

ients, but if your circulation is compromised your body won’t be able to make the most of the nutrition you give it.

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To find out how to increase Capillary Blood Flow / Circulation click here.

There are a handful of devices on the market that all claim to be as good or better than the one I recommend (see link immediately above).  However, before you listen to any of the other company’s propaganda I recommend you check out this third-party evaluation of the major machines on the market that clearly shows one to be far above the others.  Click HERE for a third-party comparison of ours and ‘copy cat' products.  Of course, ours is the top performer (shown as the ‘control' in the comparison)!

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